Interview with a (Citizen) Developer

March 3, 2017
If you're starting to explore FileMaker as a tool for enhancing your business processes, let's first say―good choice. It's an award-winning platform that can support your entire operation if you invest the necessary time into it. Whether you serve a local, regional, or national clientele, and whether your systems are […]

FileMaker Platform + FileMaker Community = Your Success

February 24, 2017
Following up on our recent posts about FileMaker as the top-ranked platform for citizen developers, here is one way to get your developers up to speed--the FileMaker Quick Start Training.

FileMaker Ranked as #1 Platform for Rapid Development

February 17, 2017
Customer reviews provide some of the most trusted information for our purchasing decisions. We love Angie's List and Amazon reviews because they help us make better choices. But even better than a series of separate reviews is a collection of customer feedback that has been analyzed and compiled for your use.

Empowering Your Employees as Citizen Developers: Walk the Walk, Reap the Benefits

February 11, 2017
The 2017 FileMaker State of the Custom App Report (free download) focuses on citizen developers.

FileMaker Developer Spotlight: Daniel Shanahan

February 3, 2017
FileMaker is a fantastic platform for rapid app development, with excellent resources to help developers at every skill level. To be frank though, a big project is always a big project. And one of the most complex tools you can develop on FileMaker is an Inventory Management System (IMS).

Sharing the Proofs for Their Concept

January 27, 2017
Like most entrepreneurs, you know that it's one thing to have a nice idea, but it's something else to have the results that prove the idea.

Making Wishes Come True with Custom Designed Software on FileMaker

January 20, 2017
Make a wish for your company. Let's say you could ask a genie in a lamp for a tool that would amplify your company's strength. What would that tool be?
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