Seedcode Spotlights aACE+ DayBack Calendar Integration

October 3, 2019

The aACE+ DayBack integration combines aACE's powerful business management solution for Mac and PC with Seedcode's flexible and easy to use DayBack calendar, giving our customers full visibility into their tasks, deliverables, and resources. We've worked hard at integrating the calendar seamlessly with data in aACE, so we're delighted to announce that Seedcode recently featured the aACE+ DayBack integration in a blog post focused on our custom sidebar!

The aACE+ DayBack calendar's advanced filtering features allow you to focus on the information you need to see while easily hiding the records you don't. Whether you're looking at a single day's worth of tasks or checking out what's on the horizon for the entire quarter, the aACE+ DayBack calendar can help you see at a glance what you need to get done and when. Learn how longtime aACE customer Gable gained real-time visibility throughout their company after implementing the calendar, then check out this video to see what the aACE+ DayBack calendar can do for your business.

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“The best feature of the aACE + DayBack calendar is just the calendar itself. We never had this type of visibility before. Now I can see a job coming, even before I get the work order. From the more detailed features, I most enjoy the interactive control – I can make real-time changes simply by dragging and dropping info from different dates to different resources. It used to be an admin-heavy task to do those things via spreadsheets. Having this click-and-drag functionality makes it quite a bit easier.” - Jimmie Wolfe, Director of Field Operations, Gable


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