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Five Persuasive Psychology Techniques for eCommerce Success

March 7, 2018
You already have a great product or service to sell on your eCommerce site. And you're probably already investing as much as you can into marketing. Is there anything more you can do to convert a few more shoppers each day into buyers?

Warning: Business Operations Software Might Not Improve Business. Or Operations.

February 28, 2018
Software is often described as the solution for a business problem. But is it? In Drew Hendricks' article, "Fragmented Software is Killing Business Productivity: 4 Ways to Fix it," published on, it doesn't seem that way.

Spreadsheets Slowing You Down? Automated Inventory Management Can Help

February 21, 2018
Even for a small business, tracking inventory can be a challenge. Sometimes it can seem that managing paperwork and updating spreadsheets takes more time and energy than growing your business. But you can't afford to let inventory paperwork get in the way of serving your customers and reaching out to new clients.

A Valentine for Our Clients – and the ERP Solution They Helped Build

February 14, 2018
The fourteenth of February is the perfect time for expressions of appreciation. So we want to say Thank You to all our clients:

Invest in CRM and Feel Confident About Customer Care

February 7, 2018
In his article for, Nathan Abadi approaches technology from a relationship-centered perspective. Wise business leaders understand the value of this paradigm, summed up in the phrase, "Customers might not remember the details of the sale, but they will remember how you treated them."

Avalara's Free Whitepaper Spotlights Ways to Enhance Your Business

February 1, 2018
Avalara, a leading name in tax compliance and automation, has released a free whitepaper that discusses how accountant offices can thrive in the current market. This 22-page analysis is divided into four sections:

Three Software Tools That Scaled This Home Business into the Inc. 5000

January 24, 2018
Veteran entrepreneurs can offer some very helpful advice on running a business. And if that military businessman has earned $14 million within five years, other savvy entrepreneurs will stop and listen.

Give Your eCommerce Site a Boost with These 4 Tips

January 17, 2018
When a small or mid-sized business gets an eCommerce site up and running, it feels good. You have just exponentially expanded your reach to clients. That's definitely a victory to enjoy.

5 Quick Tips for Invoicing Clients

January 10, 2018
While cash flow is crucial for your business, hounding your clients for money owed can be tricky. Like Aesop's fable about the goose who laid golden eggs, we don't want our efforts to secure profits now to ruin future income.

Troy Filters Expands Their Capabilities with aACE+ Amazon Integration

January 3, 2018
“Previously we were functioning like a Jedi with a limp lightsaber, but now we’re like a fully-armed Obi-Wan Kenobi on steroids.” -Cory Elliot, Founder & President of Troy Filters, Ltd. In 2009, Troy Filters began selling filters directly to consumers through For the first two years they averaged 100 […]