Inventory Too Complex for Excel? 4 Signs You Need to Upgrade

November 30, 2016
Is your inventory management system a mine field? Are you constantly battling:

Labor Day – A Tribute to Those Who Get the Work Done

September 12, 2016
Your business thrives based on the quality of work that your team produces. So a national holiday is a fitting way to honor the people who move the work forward each day. Another way to tell your team they’re important is by providing high-quality tools, including software that helps them succeed. We’ve all felt the […]

Easy to Use ERP Solutions Have Higher ROI

July 29, 2015
DID YOU KNOW? The Best-in-Class leading organizations look for ERP solutions that are easy to use and employee friendly. Even the most functional of ERP solutions is a waste of money if employees can’t use it. A user-friendly ERP solution will lead to a higher employee usage rate and the solution’s benefits will more […]

Knight Hardwood Flooring: From Sage to aACE

July 17, 2015
Knight Hardwood Flooring switched to aACE from Sage MAS 500, ERP software that they found to be overly complicated and difficult to use. As they expanded from one location to four they found that training new employees on their software was time-consuming, and the system’s compartmentalization made it difficult to […]

Selecting the Right ERP System: A Four Step Process

July 17, 2015
Selecting the right business management solution is one of the most important business decisions you can make. Making the right decision can propel your company forward while the wrong decision may potentially be catastrophic. This article will delineate key steps in the ERP selection process. 1. Define what you need. […]

Run Your Business on a Mac

July 17, 2015
Software for Mac Robust Operating System OS X is called the world’s most advanced operating system by Apple. The Mac environment is extremely user-friendly, incredibly stabile, features world-class security features, supports a vast majority of software needed by businesses and even supports Windows. Business […]

How Much Should A New ERP System Cost?

July 17, 2015
Part 1: The Four Key Factors That Effect ERP Costs Ever wonder why some ERP software costs $300 while some implementations can run into the millions of dollars? The answer is not as simple as it is with other products; more features may not necessarily mean a higher price, quality or even a product that will meet your […]

More Features

July 17, 2015
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Accurately estimate your true profitability.  Build multi-level estimates to more accurately estimate diverse cost and pricing requirements. Prevent important dates and steps from being missed.  Create templates for common workflows and automate production tasks and schedules. Templates can […]

aACE To Help Easily Manage Orders

July 16, 2015
ORDER ENTRY Order Entry.  Build each production item in a hierarchical view selecting components from the options interface or from the master list. Costs include fixed and variable material costs, fulfillment (labor) costs, and component/sub costs. Margin Pricing and Progress Billing.  Price production items based on […]


July 16, 2015
JOBS AND TASKS Manage projects by deliverable or phase.  Create jobs to manage specific aspects of a project. A job can be a deliverable, a phase, and have as many tasks as required. Delegate and schedule tasks.  Manage your own tasks as well as those you have assigned. Use resource forecasting to balance workloads.   […]