Knight Hardwood Flooring: From Sage to aACE

July 17, 2015

Knight Hardwood Flooring switched to aACE from Sage MAS 500, ERP software that they found to be overly complicated and difficult to use. As they expanded from one location to four they found that training new employees on their software was time-consuming, and the system’s compartmentalization made it difficult to spot and correct mistakes. After seven years they knew they needed a change; they began looking for a solution with a reputation for helping growing small-to-midsize businesses like theirs. aACE’s approach has been proven to stand out from the rest.

Read our latest case study to learn how aACE’s world-class support and tailored fit helped Knight Hardwood’s Todd Breedlove spend more time managing his business and less time managing his software.


Complicated Software

Prior to implementing aACE, Knight Hardwood Flooring had been using Sage MAS 500, ERP software that they found to be overly complicated and difficult to use. Training new employees on the software was extremely time-consuming, especially as they expanded from one location to four, and the system’s compartmentalizations made it hard to spot and correct mistakes. aACE is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so that you can focus on managing your business rather than your software.

A Need to Downsize

Knight Hardwood’s previous solution required them to maintain five servers. Without a dedicated IT staff, this became a challenge. aACE is designed to be hosted in a single server.

Bulky Customization

Because they’d had their previous software extensively customized, that customization had to be rewritten every time there was an update. As a result, they weren’t always able to run the newest version. aACE is designed for easy customization so that your solution will always be a tailored fit.

Expensive Support

Knight Hardwood was paying a hefty premium for Bronze-level Sage MAS 500 support, which only allowed them to email questions, plus a large hourly fee to their reseller if they needed support by phone. Both options cost a lot and offered very little. aACE offers white-glove service and world-class support at reasonable prices growing businesses can afford.


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