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With twenty years' experience in various business writing roles, working now with aACE Software has been the most enjoyable assignment by far.
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SMEs Benefit from Enterprise-Level Tools

August 30, 2017
Technology helps level the playing field. Whether it's with hand tools, power tools, or digital tools, technology makes it possible to do more than we could otherwise.

Avalara Reading Between the Lines on 2017 Sales Tax Amnesty

August 29, 2017
Sales tax obligations are often complex and can cause headaches for small and mid-sized businesses, especially when marketplace fulfillment arrangements are involved. So while an offer of amnesty for uncollected sales tax sounds like a nice gesture, it's not surprising that the details are complex. And they could […]

Six Tips from UK Report Help SMBs Scale Up

August 23, 2017
In an unusual collaboration, Barclays, Oxford, and Cambridge prepared a report last year on how small businesses can best prepare to scale up. Barclays is one of the most prestigious banks in Great Britain. This reputation may have been helpful in getting the two rival universities to work together. However the […]

4 Tips for Improving Shipping to Make Sure Growth Leads to More Growth

August 16, 2017
Growing your business is exciting, even though it demands new efforts and tough decisions. One of the most precarious business processes to build out is shipping. If you coast by just doing what you have always done while your customer base increases, it can create problems. When the demand for your product increases, […]

How Panorama Consulting Is Off the Mark About Buying an ERP Solution

August 14, 2017
To set the stage, Panorama Consulting is an outstanding resource for research, education, and guidance about enterprise resource planning software. Deploying an ERP solution is a major decision and the people at Panorama are smart and talented. The best example of their caliber might be Eric Kimberling, a recognized […]

Avoid State Tax Audits by Leveraging Avalara Expertise and aACE 5 Integrations

August 9, 2017
You may have heard the saying: Smart people learn from their mistakes, but wise people learn from the mistakes of others. A tax audit might not exactly fall into the category of 'a mistake,' but we can definitely learn from audits that others have gone through.

Use Kount's 2017 Report to Protect Your Business from Mobile Payment Fraud

August 7, 2017
Does fraud make you worry about how your business handles mobile payments? It probably should. Especially according to the insightful article written by Benton Alexander Smith for

eConsultancy 2017 CX Report Reveals Patterns of Company Behavior

August 2, 2017
Would it surprise you to learn that businesses and their marketing consultants have a different view of how well the customer experience is being handled?

Find the Perfect Match: 6 Steps to Choosing ERP Software

July 26, 2017
ERP solutions usually touch all aspects of your business: financials, distribution, human resources, product life cycle management, customer relationship management (CRM), purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse management, and decision-support. This very integration is the value they add. So making the best choice is […]

5 Places to Look Before Launching Your eCommerce Store

July 24, 2017
Whether you have an established business that you want to branch out with online sales or you're starting a business from scratch, getting experienced advice on ecommerce planning can help you. Brian Roberts, featured on, has five excellent tips to help you start selling online.