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With twenty years' experience in various business writing roles, working now with aACE Software has been the most enjoyable assignment by far.
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FileMaker Developer Spotlight: Daniel Shanahan

February 3, 2017
FileMaker is a fantastic platform for rapid app development, with excellent resources to help developers at every skill level. To be frank though, a big project is always a big project. And one of the most complex tools you can develop on FileMaker is an Inventory Management System (IMS).

Reliable Advice on Selecting the Best ERP System for You

February 1, 2017
No entrepreneur running a small or mid-sized business has time or funds to waste on the wrong ERP system.

Don't Kid Yourself: E-commerce Matters for Your Sales Too

January 30, 2017
Of course you have a website for your company. It's 2017, after all. But is your company site doing its job as front-line sales rep? Is it just a polished landing page or is it helping customers make the best decisions about their purchases?

Sharing the Proofs for Their Concept

January 27, 2017
Like most entrepreneurs, you know that it's one thing to have a nice idea, but it's something else to have the results that prove the idea.

To Temp or Not to Temp - Let's Help You Answer that Question

January 25, 2017
Success for your business hinges on being responsive and flexible. When orders come piling in, you need to ensure each customer has an excellent experience. And when there's a lull, you need to balance things with reduced expenses.

Bring Big Efficiencies to Your Small Business

January 23, 2017
Are Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing beyond the interest of your small business? Definitely not, since your competitors are looking for every advantage they can get. Instead of giving your hard-won customers to other companies, leverage what larger enterprises and skilled researchers have learned about operational […]

Making Wishes Come True with Custom Designed Software on FileMaker

January 20, 2017
Make a wish for your company. Let's say you could ask a genie in a lamp for a tool that would amplify your company's strength. What would that tool be?

A Better Tax Season in 4 Easy Steps

January 16, 2017
Tax season follows the holidays, as sure as bells jingle and confetti flutters. The celebrations are delightful and just a little stressful, however doing taxes is just stressful.

Inventory Too Complex for Excel? 4 Signs You Need to Upgrade

November 30, 2016
Is your inventory management system a mine field? Are you constantly battling: