aACE’s full-featured, integrated accounting suite allows managers to track a sale from the lead to the balance sheet without duplicate data entry. A true quote-to-cash solution, increase visibility into your business's financials, save time, and reduce the potential for errors with aACE.

Feature Highlights

Manage multiple entities

Run as many departments, offices, or even businesses as you need within the same solution. Easily produce consolidated or entity-specific financial reports.


Eliminate separate terminals and sticky notes with fully integrated, PCI compliant credit card, debit card, and ACH payment processing.

Drill-Down, Drill-Around

Empower your controller with the ability to follow a transaction from a credit on the income statement all the way back to the sales lead, and any point in between.

Advanced Logging

Know exactly who did what, when. Detailed and easily accessible log records means visibility, and visibility means accountability.

Reduce Sales Tax Audit Risk

Calculate sales tax based on the delivery location or customer specific settings. Optionally integrate Avalara AvaTax for automated calculations based on the GPS coordinates of the delivery address.


Reduce the threat of fraud using sophisticated user access privileges to implement strong segregation of duties. Oversight notifications also alert managers to possible problems before they spread.

Get to Know Your COGS

Solve the mystery surrounding your cost of goods sold. aACE’s reconciliation process provides accurate, auditable landed costs for all inventoried items using LIFO, FIFO, and specific-unit mapping.


Streamline revenue recognition. Record payments as deposits, utilize progress billing, properly calculate work in process, prorate deposit reversals based on goods shipped, and more.


Know whether you’re achieving your goals where it counts: the bottom line. Create as many budgets as you need for any office or department for any time range.

Recurring Transactions

Set and forget your recurring transactions. Automatically generate orders, invoices, general journal entries, and more on a set schedule that can be configured to run as long as you need or end when the transaction reaches a specified date or dollar amount.

“I would recommend aACE to any company that needs a seemingly impossible-to-achieve customized accounting system that will take them from inputting a transaction to the general ledger."

- Wendy Donenfield

CPA & Controller, M&R International